The more that we have gathered to pray together, the more praying people we come across in Chicago who share this heart for united prayer! We’ve been asking ourselves, “How can we foster and feature ongoing prayer in Chicago?”

Here are a few ways you can participate in ongoing prayer:

  1. Take the Challenge
    Over 500 people committed to pray daily for city transformation at our last Pray Chicago gathering. Join your brothers and sisters each day in prayer, believing that God will move in and through us.


  2. Weekly Prayer Focus
    We are sending weekly “prayer fuel” to all those who have “taken the challenge”. We want to give you topics and themes to pray into for Chicago.


  3. Prayer Map
    We have started plotting ongoing prayer gatherings on a Chicago map (It is far from complete, so please submit more regular prayer gatherings!). We hope this resource will help you to connect with other praying people in your community.


Please continue to pray and spread the vision for united prayer – we are trusting that God would continue to unite our hearts around what He wants to do in Chicago. We are also talking much about ways we can all take next steps in partnership and “getting onto the streets” of our communities. Much more coming soon…