Pray Chicago Youth Edition will “Take to the Streets” as the school year ends, the youth will lead the way in an atmospheric saturation of prayer!

Saturday, June 18th, 11am

Greater Mt Hebron MB Church, 8000 S Wood St


We will first congregate at 11am at Greater Mt Hebron MB Church, 8000 S Wood St, our host church where Rev Dr EF Ledbetter-Pastor…We will pray that the walk and words that will go forth might be found pleasing in the sight of the Lord.

We will then depart the church and walk to Scott Joplin Elementary School (the school of the late Tyshawn Lee) at that point we will pray for all of the school Children in Chicago as they enter Summer Vacation.

Leaving there we will walk to Dawes Park where we will Pray for the innocence of Youth, that they may stand strong against worldly temptations, and for those y who seek to protect them(teachers, counselors, parents, police, etc)… (in memory of this being the park where Tyshawn Lee was lured from, and his murderer had planned to massacre all the children playing there).

After that we will walk to the alley (where Tyshawn Lee was killed) where we will pray for the souls of those youth that have been slain, an end to the spirit of anger, for the restoration of the Christian family unit, for a spirit of peace in the neighborhoods, in the hearts and minds of would be perpetrators, and an end to homicides, especially those involving youth.

We will then have a victory march back to the church (proclaiming the Victory in Jesus’ name to all that we have asked on this day)

At the Church we will have final Prayer, fellowship, and dismissal…

Please notify all Youth Groups, Pastors, Organizations, and schools to join us and Proclaim the Victory in Jesus name.

– Donovan
Pray Chicago Youth Edition


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