God is stirring the hearts of His people in Chicago to pray together, and to ‘wear our prayers’ together. What began with the Chicago Neighborhood Prayer Guide has become a movement for oneness and collaboration. In January 2014, we started with united prayer gatherings, crying out to God against the violence in many parts of Chicago. Since then, the Church has rallied to prayer across the city – North, West, South sides, city-center – and in many suburbs. In 2016, we responded to the sense of ‘what’s next?’ by rallying the Church to put their prayers into action in their communities. We’ve come alongside existing ‘salt and light’ streets-based initiatives including many other regional faith-in-action events with the city of Chicago. We also partnered with One Way Ministries on the creation and launch of Chicago77 – one minute prayer videos for each neighborhood in the city. We are excited about what God is doing in growing unity and collaboration. Yet, violence continues to plague many communities and there is much more work to be done, together, in prayer and action, in our city.